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11th October

My next trip was Bratislava, this was a short one with just one full day and one night.


To be honest, I wasn't crazy on Bratislava, and it just doesn't compare to Prague at all.
Maybe the rainy weather while I was there also contributed.


But living in the Czech Republic for one year, I thought it was a good idea to visit what used to be the same country.

We did a walking tour, and it was interesting to hear from our guide how their split was amicable, and how the Slovaks don't have any bad feelings toward the Czechs. Maybe that's due to coming a country that is divided, but it was nice to hear how they have a good relationship.
My favourite sight from the walking tour was the blue church, I have seen so many churches over the years and on my travels but this one was so unusual.


Another interesting thing, was that even though we visited on a weekend, the city was dead during the day, but came alive at night.


The nightlife was quite busy, and we went to a club that strangely had guys in animal suits dancing.


We couldn't stay out that long, as we were up early the next day. But we stopped to take some photos on the way home with these strange guys. There was a festival of light on while we visited, and part of it was a collection of inflatable, lit up rabbits in one of the main squares.


One thing I did find, was that I thought the city was a lot more beautiful at night, with it's buildings lit up against the dark sky. I don't know if its because I'm a night owl and I hate mornings, but I always think a city has two sides, day time and night time, and I always prefer the latter.

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26th september

The first trip we made was to Munich for Oktoberfest.
To be honest, I had no clue about Oktoberfest or what happened at it, but it seemed like a bucket list thing so we bought tickets for a 24 hour trip to Oktoberfest, so I pretended to like beer for the day. It was like a carnival for adults.


We arrived at around 12 or 1pm, and already there were people so drunk that they couldn't stand or were getting sick (I thought Ireland was bad...)


I had been told we should get there early to get into the 'tents', so I literally thought there was going to be camping tents there, I had no idea that they were these huge marquees. First we went to the Paulaner tent.


This was the only brand I recognised. I loved the inside of the tents, the atmosphere was nuts. Everyone standing on tables dancing, swinging their steins. Although I did wish there earlier, we eventually got a table. I was blown away by the women serving us, carry ten litres of beer at a time when I was struggling to carry one.

We then left the tent to go on the ferris wheel, the roller coaster and get some food.


Next up was the Hofbrau tent, by now I had discovered you could order beer mixed with lemonade, so my experience greatly improve. We got seats in the beer garden part, which was really nice at night time.

Another thing I didn't expect, was everyone really put in the effort with their outfits, like these guys.

Night time came and we got on our bus which brought us to this really strange night club in Munich.

Overall it was such a fun experience, a great one to tick off the list and a great first trip.

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Prague - The Beginning

My favourite piece of street art, found near where I live in Dejvicka. I noticed this and Instagrammed it when I first came to Prague, and I love seeing it as a reminded that I love what I am doing right now, and to enjoy it while I'm here.

The view from Prague castle, overlooking the city on a sunny day. This is from the first time I went up there, during my first two weeks in Prague while it was still sunny. Prague Castle still amazes me when I have brought my visitors up to see it, and I love when I return to Prague from a trip and seeing it on the city skyline.

Since we arrived two weeks before classes started, the first two weeks were basically like going on a holiday with people I had just met.

And the weather was amazing, we were totally unprepared. Like here we went to an ice bar to cool down on a hot day where it was around 27 degrees, not realising we would freeze in our shorts.

This photo is from the first day I went to Prague city centre, and the first landmark I saw, Narodni Muzeum.

Adopting a local team at our first Sparta Prague game, which had such a fun atmosphere.

But always staying true to my colours (green!). I have realised that leaving Ireland has made ten times more patriotic.

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22nd August 2015

We call it studying abroad, but studying is the last thing on my mind.

It seems like so long ago I was worrying over which destination to choose, which college would I get, and who would I be going with. Now its less than a month until I move over to Prague, and time won’t stop flying past. 23 days to be exact. While I am so excited to discover what this year has in store, I can’t help but think about the fact that I’ve never even moved house, let alone move out. I’ve also never been to the Czech Republic. Another problem is the fact that I’m not really a beer fan, and it seems to be a country that revolves around beer. Yesterday I learned that my university has a university beer, brewed by students on the on campus brewery. My cooking skills present another challenge, and leave a lot to be desired.

I have so much to do in these last 23 days. I still have two weeks left of my internship, which I am definitely sad to leave. Once I finish my internship (complete with going away drinks and pizza in the office), I’m off to a field in Laois for Electric Picnic (which I now have two tickets for).

Which leaves me with a week to get everything done. The list of things I have to do is piling up: hairdresser, dentist, bank, credit union, last minute shopping, pack my bag, exchange currency, have a going away night out, dinner with family, dinner with friends.

I know that there will be so much going on over the next year, so this gives me somewhere to keep my photos and record my experiences. I want to remember all of the best parts of this experience.

And my last problem: how the hell do you pronounce Ceska Zemedelska Univerzita v Praze. I think that’s my only real problem.

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London 2014


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All the possibilities....


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Electric Picnic


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Christmas day 2013


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summer 2013


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Blessington Lakes

The hottest day of summer 2014


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